Join us!

We meet on Monday evenings during term time from 7pm to 9pm in the school hall at King’s Priory First School, Percy Park Road, Tynemouth – entrance in St. Oswin’s Place.


The door is locked soon after 7, so if you want to come along, please make contact beforehand to be sure someone is there to let you in.

There is no obligation to commit at the beginning you can just sit in for a couple of weeks to see how you like it.

What do we do?

We sing mostly classical pieces (Mozart, Brahms, Haydn . . . ) in four parts, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, spending ten weeks or so learning our parts, putting the parts together and finally performing a concert. We use written music, the score, and are greatly assisted in learning our parts by the accompanist during rehearsals on Monday evenings and by various on-line aids, between rehearsals, at home. Listening to the whole piece is helpful, but there are various web sites (e.g. cyberbass and choralia ) that offer the opportunity to listen to, and sing along with, your part which also helps unravel the mystery of written music, as you can read your part and listen to it at the same time. Our musical director ensures everything sounds as the composer intended.

If you would like further information then send us an email at

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